Rarely….on the last meet

Rarely….on the last meet

by Shan


This poem is a farewell message by the spirit of a dead person to his beloved after one year of his death, when he finally attains freedom after avenging his death. He had been struck down with a van by two of his blood enemies. And he finally slays them.

Here it goes………..

“No pen, nor ink could ever write,

These words, which here are shining bright;

Straight out of heart, they have come to fight,

The flooding emotions of gay and delight.

I seek your farewell, O my friend,

I offer thee now the very last sight;

Of the one for whom you have cared,

For all those days, through all those nights.

I remember the day, I met you last,

That scorching heat, that brilliant light;

Which led me to my death site,

Leaving you shocked and aghast.

A year since then has passed,

When those mighty wheels over me had rolled;

For that van, through the world I have scrolled,

Only yesterday I found them at last.

You may read the headlines today,

All the dailies have the same thing to say:

A good red van with two men,

Crashed on the beach yesterday!”

Now I leave you for times to come,

Till your doleful days are done;

When Fate reclaims your life, its boon,

You’re welcome, come and join me soon…”

::==The End==::

Do post your comments on this crude work of mine. I wrote it way back in my 10th grade.  Hope you like it. 🙂

  1. Its not crude bro! The words used give the perfect meaning to the sentences. I like your imagination! Very nicely written!
    Keep ON the good work!

  1. September 26th, 2010

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