Channel V – Roomies

Channel V Roomies…… of the coolest shows I have ever seen. I like this kind of shows. Well, doesn’t match up to F.R.I.E.N.D.S but the concept is quite different with a uber-Indian taste to it. I used to watch Kya Mast Hai Life! earlier on Disney Channel. But it was more kiddish. Roomies seems to be the perfect thingy….3 guyz and two hot chicks….one house!! Man what more can one ask for! Hahaha…….well, redefining that….its about 5 Friends living together and its college life!! Well, the show is relatively new, so if you start watching now, you would only miss a few episodes. I am sure Youtube is gonna cover that up for ya. Read that? 5 Friends (including girls), 1 House (I love the sound of that), 0 Rules (Hu Hu! Who wants rules anyway ūüėČ – Its just the kind of life I alwayz wanted, infact every1 of us wants. I am sure you’ll like the show once you start watching it. After all its the first ¬†serial of our¬†favorite¬†Channel V. If you like the show or don’t….whatever…….do comment on this post. ūüôā And if you do like it and regret having missed the earlier episodes and or any forthcoming ones….you can watch it on Channel V ‘s Youtube channel here. Also you can watch recent episodes of other cool shows like Axe Ur Ex, U R Fired and Dare to Date again! on their channel. I am downloading each episode of Roomies and will make a private collection. If anyone wants, can ask for it and I’ll send you DVDs of Roomies till current episode. And yeah I forgot to add the link Roomies website….K the link is below…or you can click on the big picture above. Even their website is awesome!

Channel V Roomies Website ::

You can also check out other shows on the main website ::


The Waren Peace Code

Originally known as the Kaijudo code, these set of lines not only define the guidelines for a meaningful life but also shape your character and personality greatly if implemented properly in your life. I like them so much that, I decided to make them my own Codes of conduct and I strive to abide by them as much as possible. Back in my school days, I used to use an alias to call myself…..”Waren Peace”. It is after that alias name that I had named these golden lines. I think everyone should learn and implement atleast one (if not all) rule in his/her life. It would definitely make you a better person.

Rarely….on the last meet

Rarely….on the last meet

by Shan


This poem is a farewell message by the spirit of a dead person to his beloved after one year of his death, when he finally attains freedom after avenging his death. He had been struck down with a van by two of his blood enemies. And he finally slays them.

Here it goes………..

“No pen, nor ink could ever write,

These words, which here are shining bright;

Straight out of heart, they have come to fight,

The flooding emotions of gay and delight.

I seek your farewell, O my friend,

I offer thee now the very last sight;

Of the one for whom you have cared,

For all those days, through all those nights.

I remember the day, I met you last,

That scorching heat, that brilliant light;

Which led me to my death site,

Leaving you shocked and aghast.

A year since then has passed,

When those mighty wheels over me had rolled;

For that van, through the world I have scrolled,

Only yesterday I found them at last.

You may read the headlines today,

All the dailies have the same thing to say:

“A good red van with two men,

Crashed on the beach yesterday!‚ÄĚ

Now I leave you for times to come,

Till your doleful days are done;

When Fate reclaims your life, its boon,

You‚Äôre welcome, come and join me soon‚Ķ‚ÄĚ

::==The End==::

Do post your comments on this crude work of mine. I wrote it way back in my 10th grade. ¬†Hope you like it. ūüôā

A Movie named “Shaapit”


Last Sunday was a Fun-day out for me. Me and a few college friends had planned for a movie beforehand. The movie is called “Shaapit” which means Cursed. The name itself indicates that it is a horror movie but as I found out after watching, it also has a romantic side to it. It really lives upto its caption – “A Tale of Love and Fear.”

Well, my day¬†began¬†at 9.00 am, which is usual for me on a Sunday. I had slept late on Saturday night and thus slumber took its toll on me. We had got tickets for the¬†Matin√©e¬†show (3pm to 6pm) in the Sriya talkies. I had to get ready and reach in time. It was 1pm when my girlfriend called me up and asked for lunch with her. Of course I couldn’t deny and there I was…rushing to have dinner with her and yet hoping to reach the¬†theater¬†in time. But my hopes were shattered when it was already 3pm by my watch and we were still having our main course of dishes. There was no time for desserts, so I simply ordered a coke which me and my girlfriend shared. By the time, we were out of that¬†restaurant, it was already 3.20pm. A quick wave at her and I was off!

Reaching the talkies and finding my seat by 3.30pm, I¬†realized¬†that I had already missed the introductory part of the movie. It was difficult to follow the storyline from then on. But thanks to my friends who had been watching the movie since beginning, I learned the story and from thenceforth the movie turned all the more interesting. The story is something like this…

There’s this guy, our hero, who loves a girl and wants to marry her. The girls parents have no objection to the proposal but deny for the¬†marriage¬†saying that they haven’t had a¬†marriage¬†in their family since 300 years due to some curse. The movie begins with the part where it shows the days of the king, and how the family was cursed by a ascetic maddened at his daughter’s loss. This was the part that I had missed. The story goes on to reveal that there was a spirit working behind this curse and preventing any daughter from that family to marry. Our hero learns of this from a professor and is determined to save the heroine from this curse by finding the identity of this spirit and destroying it. In this bizarre mission of his, the professor of dark arts and a friend of his, accompany him. After lots of encounters with spirits and life threatening¬†incidents, the team finally manages to do it. The adventures and encounters of each character in the movie with the spirit is¬†dramatically¬†shown with awesome special effects and frightening sound effects. In fact this was one of the first¬†Hindi¬†horror movies that actually¬†scared¬†me! Its a must watch for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet.

Ok, that was the movie. After that I again went to meet my girlfriend and we had dinner and a nice time together. I returned to my hostel at 9 pm.

Do watch the movie and tell me what you think about it. I think it was totally cool!

Nature Around Me

My hometown is not much of a city yet and thus one could expect to find a pretty good part of natural landscape here. My house is also quite apart from urban buzz (not that its rural), so I enjoy a peaceful summer breeze as well as a chilly cold winter morning shower all the same in my courtyard. I am a nature lover (did I mention before) and so alwayz like to be surrounded by natural environment. And so I would consider it my sheer luck that not only that I got to live in a place which is so beautifully surrounded by greenery but also got a mom who is so very fond of gardening! She is almost crazy about it. She likes growing a variety of plants in our garden and one of the results is our beautiful front yard lawn.

Ya apart from our lawn, we have a flower garden by the side of our lawn and a vegetable garden in our backyard. But in this post I would like to describe about our lawn which I like so much. Soft green grass carpet with a “Goldenia” hedge bounding it seems just like the best place to sit on for enjoying the slow chilled evening breeze as well as basking in the first rays of the morning sun. There are 9 “deodar” (yew) trees lining the outer boundary of the lawn which separates it from the compound wall. These majestic trees present a formidable yet picturesque view to any outsider on the street who choses to look at our house. This may be one reason why our house is named as “The Nine Deodars”. There are also some flowering plants like roses, daffodils, dahlias, pansies etc. around our lawn which add to its beauty.

The most wonderful view of our lawn is when it is covered with hail stones during a hail storm shower. I don’t have a picture right now, but will sure post one when I get hold of it. Rain’s approaching anyway. My puppy, Chetan also likes to roam around in the lawn, sniffing at the soft grass around me as I sit in a garden chair at the centre. Well, I appreciate my mom and all those who tend our lawn regularly. The Lawn really does add a natural touch to our front yard and is one of our prized possessions.

Cute Chetan


Chetan - My Cute Puppy

Let me introduce you to my cute pet puppy whom I have named “Chetan”. He is a Labrador and an year old now. The photograph above was taken when he was just 3 months old. But believe me, he has grown to be just a lot more cute! I¬†always wanted a pet of my own and had pestered my mom for almost a couple of months until she had to get me this cute one. This whole pet idea started after I watched a dog show on the Animal Planet‚ĄĘ Channel and became a Labrador fan. The host in that show said, “Labradors are one of the most loyal and intelligent dog¬†breeds and are very¬†affectionate¬†too. They like human companionship and enjoy their master’s company.” What then was left to decide? The rest is as they say……history.

He looks so cute in this photo and is actually a lot more sweet to look at. He really is affectionate which I found out when he climbed into my lap by himself and curled himself in for a nap. I had never liked dogs before….but maybe that was because I had¬†alwayz¬†encountered them at other people’s homes, barking at me……and not sleeping in my lap!

Nevertheless, Chetan is one sweet little darling and I love him a lot.


This is my first writing on this blog and I think that alone makes it special. To know about me visit the About Me page. In the posts that follow, you will unveil more about me and my life’s secrets. I will jot down my day-to-day experiences, thoughts, feelings, things about me, things around me and any other thing which interests me and I think might interest you.

You’ll also find poems, writings, short stories, sketches, small games, software tools and anything that comes across my wicked brain from time to time or is accidentally created by me. I would love to hear from you, so keep filling in your comments!